Apollo Thunder
Sativa/Indica %: 80/20
Medicinal Traits:
ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Inflammation, Pain Management
Apollo 11 X Matanuska Thunderfuck

Additional Information

Matanuska Thunder from Brother's Grimm grew some huge sized, rock hard buds with many of the outer girls snapping due to the great weight and size. Matanuska Thunder is very mold resistant compared to other strains. Offers a terrifically smooth high and an intense, skunky smell and flavor. Of around 30 females I selected only one was used for this cross and this particular MTF clone produced intense purple colors. Both these strains are known for their legendary highs and above average yields and by crossing A-11 into MTF has lowered the flowering time to around the 7 week mark while still keeping the high intact. Great for the indoor cultivators wanting great yields. This cross produces dense resinous buds and flying, magical highs.